The Allmother

Goddess of Motherhood

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"Fathers have a way of telling young warriors and lords if their daughter is free to their advances.  If this maiden’s father has told you she is not promised, then you have his permission, I am certain.  However, I still feel that you should tell your father first.  If the Allfather does not find her suitable, then you will have to seek another."  Frigga wished she did not have to tell him so, but the politics of Asgard were something Balder would have to face soon.

"She sounds a lovely girl, and I hope that the Allfather approves the match," she added, smiling fondly and petting his hair softly.  "You will make a good and kind father, should you have a child," she assured him.  "Any child born of love is fortunate, as you should know."

Balder nodded “You are wise and of course right mother, I will mention to father that I wish to court Nana and I shall hope that he will find her worthy of me. I mean no insult to you when I say I count on your support on the matter?” he asked and looked up at her “Father always seeks your opinion when it comes to politics of Asgard and I imagine the marriage of his son will fall into that category. ” he leaned into her touch and smiled.

"Mother you are so beautiful and kind. Odin was very lucky to have the fortune to marry you and Asgard could not hope for a greater Queen. Im sorry that I burdened you with deep thoughts today but admittedly you have always been my most trusted confidant. Thor cares not for matters of the heart and Loki— Loki seems to enjoy jest too much to carry on a deep conversation such as this, he would tease me for falling in love or having nightmares"

The prince hugged his mother tightly even though such actions were not of royal behaviour. “I will always love you momma no matter what. I feel privileged to be a child of your womb for I believe the kindness many speak I hold comes from you. I wish to name my future daughter after you , to honour you and the love you have given me all these years, if I have your permission?”

Smiling fondly at her son, Frigga hugged him tightly and kissed the top of his head.  He was growing fast, yet every time she saw him, it was like seeing him as a small child again.  Smoothing his hair back, she tilted his head back to meet her gaze with a smile.

"I will of course speak with the Allfather in favor of the match," she assured him with a smile.  "She seems a wonderful woman from your descriptions, and I would be glad to see you happily settled and wed."  

She laughed merrily at his praise of her, but that laughter froze in her throat when he spoke of naming a daughter after her.  The idea of a granddaughter was wonderful enough, but this…

"Oh my sweetling," she said gently, kissing his forehead and hugging him tightly.  "Of course I would allow you to do so!  Thank you…"

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  • Asgard is the reign of the Æsir, the principal race of Norse gods. Is difficult to access due to its huge walls, though after the war with the Vanir, they were destroyed, being vulnerable to attack of the giants. To rebuild the defensive wall, the Æsir hired the services of a giant who agreed to repair the walls in a very short time, and the Gods accepted, influenced by Loki. He cheated them, saying that he would give back the walls toAsgard in exchange for the Sun, the Moon, and the goddess Freyja.
    Asgard is connected to Midgard (the realm of men) by Bifrost (also called Asbru), the rainbow bridge, guarded by the god Heimdall. Each god has a different home in Asgard. The best known is Valhalla, the abode of Odin. Heroes killed in action are brought to Valhalla by the Valkyries. Mythologhy says a faster way to go to Valhalla is die hanged, as Odin did. [Let’s not do that.]
  • Vanaheim is the world of the Vanir, the other race of Norse dieties, who usually were the responsible of the fertility functions. The Vanes (Vanir) were faced with the Aces (Aesir), but eventually reconciled, they came to live in a relative peace. It can suppose that Vanaheim, like the Vanir themselves, is somewhat more wild or “natural,” and less “cultural,” than the world of the Vanir’s Aesir counterparts, or even than the humanity. It’s a sort of nature world, free of technology or modern influences.
    *Alfheim is the world of elves, governed by the god Freyr. The elves have not an important relevance in the Norse legends, although the ancient sagas identify two types of elves that live in Alfheim: ljósálfar (or light elves) and svartálfar (or dark elves that live inside the mountains)
  • Midgard ( Miðgarðr in old Norse ) is the world of men created by the gods Odin and his brothers, Vili and Ve after battle with the primeval giant Ymir .
    After the battle, Odin and his brothers Vili and Ve took the body of the giant Ymir and took him to the great abyss to begin creating an habitable world. Thus, with his skin, they created the lands, with his blood and sweat, the oceans, with his bones the rocks and mountains, with his hair the vegetation and with his teeth the cliffs, where also placed the giant’s eyebrows to make the borders of the sea. To complete the work, the Gods thought to close this world with the cranial vault of the defeated, ordering to four dwarves to hold it. These were called Nordri , Sudri, Austri and Vestri and symbolized the four cardinal points. By placing the vault of heaven with the skull of the vanquished giant, his brains were scattered through the air, giving life to the clouds.
    However, this new territory was still dark, so the gods decided to go Muspelheim to steal the shining sparks of a sword called Surtr . With the two largest they created the sun and the moon and the other stars.
    Once the gods finished his work, they just added the winter and summer ,being ready to receive the first humans.
  • Svartálfaheim ( connected with Nidavellir -dark - fields ) This underground world is placed between the lowest sphere of  Midgard and the highest sphere of Helheim,. There lived the dark elves, (referring black to the hair and not the skin) called svartálfar,  and the Norse dwarves or dvergar, being the counterpart of the light elves .
    They’re associated with stones, the underground, death, luck, magic and technology, especially forging. The dark elves reside in the underground and are ancestral spirits that protect people, but they can also be threatening, especially when they are treated rudely . The Svartalfar try to avoid the light, though they can go outside without problems. They’re great architects , intelligent and industrious, and among other wonders, created the Mjolnir hammer of Thor, Odin ‘s spear Gungnir, the magic ring Draupnir, and the ship Skíðblaðnir, the Brisingamen necklace of Freyja and Freyr’s golden boar .
  • Jotunheim is the land of the frozen giants. The giants are usually enemies of the gods, but they had also children with them. It is ruled by Thrym, the king of the frost giants. In Jotunheim, where also live rock giants, it’s placed the strength of Utgard. From there, they threaten Midgard’s humans and the gods of Asgard, of which they are separated by the river Iving.
  • Niflheim is the world of the dead. I’ts a gloomy kingdom where go the men who have not had a glorious death. There inhabits the dragon Níðhöggr, constantly gnawing the roots of perennial ash Yggdrasil. After Ragnarök, the dragon will be devoted to torment the souls left in the world.
    In one of the creation myths, Niflheim is the cold matter, the opposite of Muspelheim or hot matter. This world was born of the clash of these in the magical space called Ginnungagap.
    One of the most dark and gloomy parts of the vast and icy Niflheim is Helheim, where lives  the giant queen or goddess Hela, in company of her dog Garm. The belief that when Ragnarok comes, the doomsday battle, Loki and the giants will come in a boat built with the nails of the dead from Hel, creating with this the habit of clipping the nails of the dead to delay these events.
  • Muspelheim is the world of the fire giants, enemies of the gods. It’s a kingdom full of flames located in the southern hemisphere. It’s governed by Surt, the king and the most powerful of the fire giants. In Norse mythology, the creation starts cof the contact between fire and ice in the huge initial vacuum known as Ginnungagap, creating then the water. The brightest objects in the night sky such as planets, comets and stars, emerged from Muspelheim sparks.
    In Ragnarok, the heavens will open and Surt will leave Muspelheim, followed  by all giants, marching  to Asgard and destroying the Bifrost bridge at their passing.
  • Hel or Helheim, is known as the kingdom of death and is in the deepest, dark and dreary part of Niflheim, one of the nine worlds of Yggdrasil. In the nordic mythology, it was ruled by Hela, the daughter of Loki, and the entrance was guarded by a huge dog known as Garm. Helheim and Niflheim are often associated as the same world, but this is not so: Niflheim is the realm of cold, ice and darkness mainly, and, although there it’s also common the death and destruction, Helheim is specifically the ”Capital of Death”.
    In this world will end those who died by disease or old age, and once they entered there , not even gods could get out  because of the endless, inexhaustible and impassable presence of the river Gjöll around this dark reign.

This is beautiful.

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lokiodinsonblog asked: Tag a quality blog, You’re it! Quality doesn’t means that you have a lot of followers, or a lot of messages. It means that you’re nice to other people, and you deserve to be happy. If you get this message, someone is telling you that they love you as you are, and they don’t care how much followers you have. Send this to 15 blogs who deserve it. If you break the chain, nothing will happen. But it’s just good to let someone know that you love them.

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I love this scene because it can easily be interpreted two entirely different ways.

When Thor hears the sirens coming from the prison, the only word he says is “Loki” before running off. You could either see this as Thor thinking Loki must be responsible for the commotion. OR that something terrible happened and Loki may be in trouble. To be honest, I don’t even consider these interpretations to be mutually exclusive either.

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Frigga did not want to tell Jane that little Alise had nearly suffocated because of her own umbilical cord. It was still something Frigga herself couldn’t quite accept. All the same, Jane deserved to know. “There were some mild complications,” she said slowly. “But it was nothing we could not handle.”

"Mild complications? Alise is healthy and well though, right?" Her voice quickened and she began to worry as she looked down at the newborn in Thor’s arms. Seeing how she was now sound asleep with her tiny fingers attempting to wrap around one of Thor’s, Jane forgot her worries for a breif moment. 

He looked up at Frigga as well though he let Jane stand for the speaking. He didn’t like the news of complications, but he tried to reassure himself that both Jane and Alise seemed well now. It made him feel all the more guilty for not being there though. 

"She looks healthy and well now," he said quietly, turning slightly so Jane would have a good view and able to touch their little girl too.

"She is quite healthy," Frigga assured the new parents with a kind smile.  "There was simply a little difficulty in her positioning in the birth canal."

That was close enough to the truth to allay Frigga’s conscience, and to not cause Jane too much worry about her child’s health.  Truly, Alise was a fine, fat baby who would grow into a beautiful woman.  Frigga had not attempted to use her gift of foresight to see what Alise’s future would be as of yet.  Anything she said now of her grandchild’s future would be simply a guess on her part.

"I swear, my dears," Frigga said slowly. "Alise is a fine babe, and quite healthy."

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